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Important Information You Need to Know

2019 Dipsea Runners
Information and Rules

Race Bib Pickup
You may pick up your race bib number on:

You must bring your mailed entry notification card or photo ID with you to obtain your bib number and ChronoTrack B-Tag. NO EXCEPTIONS.

By picking up your bib number you acknowledge that you have read this Runners Information page in its entirety and agree to follow the procedure and rules as outlined on this page.

Trouble Desk at the Start
A Trouble desk will be open on race day from 6:30 to 9:00am at the Square (Depot Plaza) in downtown Mill Valley. The staff will handle last minute problems. No Race Day Entries! If you have lost or forgotten to bring your bib number with the attached ChronoTrack B-Tags you will need a replacement to start the race. A $5.00 charge will be made. An ID is required to obtain a replacement number.

Race Bib Numbers
Your official race number has important information; therefore, it is critical for it to be displayed on the FRONT of your shirt during the entire race.


Mill Valley Start Area
A map of the Start Area in downtown Mill Valley is included in this information package. It will help you find the services that you need. Be sure to bring water or other fluids to the start so that you can hydrate before the race. There is only one water fountain in the downtown area. The race does not provide water at the start. Please note: Corte Madera Avenue will be closed to all runners. All parking regulations are in effect on Race Day in the City of Mill Valley.

Timing System
Capital Road Race Management will be timing the race using ChronoTrack B-Tag technology. The ChronoTrack B-Tag is the primary method of scoring all runners. Each registered runner will be issued a bib number with 2 attached corresponding ChronoTrack B-Tags. DO NOT REMOVE THE TAGS FROM THE BIB; they must remain on the bib number until you have crossed the finish line. Do not bend or fold chips and do not cover it up with your water belt or clothing. Remember: NO TIME, NO RESULTS. Once you have crossed the finish mat, please proceed to the Survivor T-shirt and Medal area, and then exit to the Crystal Geyser water area. Do not go back near the mat and antenna as it may affect the accuracy of your time.

Buses will be available to take runners’ clothing from the start to the finish in Stinson Beach. The first bus leaves Mill Valley at 8:00 am and the last bus leaves at 8:30 am. If you miss the last bus, there is no other opportunity for you to get your sweats to Stinson Beach. Plastic bags and markers will be available to mark your bags. Be sure to clearly mark your bib number and name on your bag. As an additional security check, you will need to show your bib number to sweats check volunteers when checking your bag as well as when you claim your bag in Stinson Beach. Look for the “Sweats” banner near the depot in Mill Valley. The pick-up of sweats is located near the ranger portable at the finish in Stinson Beach. Volunteers in Stinson Beach will retrieve your bag for you. Please do not enter the Sweats Corral. Sweats must be picked up by 12:00 noon. Items not claimed on race day will be donated to charity after 30 days.

Shuttle Buses
The Race provides free, limited bus service to runners from Stinson Beach to Mill Valley. Buses will begin bringing runners from Stinson Beach to Mill Valley at 10:15 am and will leave as soon as a bus fills up. The last bus will leave at 1:00 pm. If you have questions regarding the buses you may check with the “Dipsea Central” tent in Stinson Beach. Effective this year, Spectator Shuttle Buses to Stinson Beach will be available. Spectator Buses will depart from Depot Plaza in downtown Mill Valley at 7:30am, 7:45am, 8:30am, and 8:45am. Buses returning from Stinson Beach to Mill Valley will start at 10:30am and every ½ hour thereafter until 2:00pm.

The Dipsea Race has an official pacer rule. Pacers are absolutely forbidden in the Invitational Section. Trail Companions will be allowed in the Runners/Open Section, but only if: (1) the trail companion is officially registered in the race, and (2) the trail companion does not start before his or her assigned starting group. Thus, the trail companion and runner must leave the starting line in Mill Valley in the later of the two assigned starting groups. As a matter of good sportsmanship, trail companions may only be used to prevent a first-time child runner from getting lost or guide a visually impaired runner.

Water Stations
There are 2 water stations along the course. Water and Gatorade are located at the top of Cardiac Hill (4.3 mile mark) and a smaller station with water only is located at the top of Insult Hill (6.2 mile mark). There is also a small Crystal Geyser water station on Walsh Drive, about 1 mile from the start. It is managed by the neighbors living on Walsh Drive. A water fountain located in Muir Woods on the right side of the steps leading to the footbridge over the creek is also available to you. We urge you to hydrate well before the race and take advantage of the water stations. Runners may also consider carrying a water bottle. Please do not discard empty containers on the race course. There will be water at the finish courtesy of our sponsor Crystal Geyser Water.

Race officials understand the need for adequate toilet facilities at the race. As a result, we have monitored the times required for runners to stand in line before the race, and have added toilets to allow for reasonable wait times. That said, we cannot allow runners to relieve themselves behind trees, bushes, cars and buildings in the city of Mill Valley. This is a serious matter for Dipsea Race Management, City officials, business owners and residents. This behavior is totally inappropriate and unacceptable. Anyone violating this rule will be face immediate disqualification from the race and possible further sanction. Toilets are located on Throckmorton Avenue, across from the Cinearts @ Sequoia Theater, and downtown in the square. Additional toilets are available in Old Mill Park. Toilet locations will be clearly identified with directional signs.

Due to water shortage in Stinson Beach, public restrooms and showers will not be available to runners. However, the race is providing ample Porto Potties which are located near the finish area. If you plan to clean up and wash poison oak off, be sure to have your family or friend bring a gallon of water for you. There are no water hoses this year. Please do not use Crystal Geyser water which is allocated for thirsty runners.

At the Finish
Your bib number must be visible to the finish line personnel as you approach the finish line. Once you have crossed the finish line do not go back over the mat again. The B-Tag is a disposable chip; finish line staff will not need to remove it.

It is extremely important that finishers leave the area so that the Medical, First Aid and Timing Staffs can perform their jobs unimpeded. Do not wait for friends or fellow runners at the immediate finish area. All finishers must proceed toward the exit corral where you pick up your survivor medal and technical t-shirt and then proceed to the Crystal Geyser water tables.

All registered entrants who finish by 12:00 noon are timed and receive a Dipsea Race Survivor’s medal and short-sleeved technical Survivor T-shirt. You will be issued the T-shirt size that you requested. If you need to change your shirt to a different size, you may do so only after all participants have finished the race. We will honor your request if we have your newly-requested size available. Check with Dipsea Central.

Medical/First Aid Facilities
A Dipsea Race Medical Station and a First Aid Station are located at the Finish line. The Medical Station is staffed by a physician, nurses and emergency medical technicians, as well as other support staff. This team will take care of runners who need medical attention. Only runners in need of medical attention are permitted in the Dipsea Medical Station

Dipsea Central
Volunteers at the Dipsea Central Station are there to assist you in the event you have questions and or require information. It is the “Trouble Desk” at the Finish. Lost and Found is also located here. If you are looking for your runner, friend, or family member, you may utilize the white board located by the Dipsea Central tent to post a message.

Awards will be presented at 12:00 Noon at the finish area.


If your time is important to you wear a watch. Final placement may differ from initial finishing place. On race day, only the top 35 places are verified; all other results are unofficial. Unofficial results will be posted on our web site, www.Dipsea.org shortly after the race. The Marin Independent Journal will publish complete preliminary results on Monday, June 10, 2019. Final results will be available on www.Dipsea.org within one week after the race.

Traffic controls will be in effect, which will make it impossible to see both the start and the finish of the race. Public safety officials must keep fire and emergency vehicle lanes open on Panoramic Highway and in Stinson Beach. Spectators wishing to see the finish should leave Mill Valley no later than 8:00 am. Parking in Stinson Beach Park is free, but the lots fill early. If you park in the dirt lot south of the Finish Line, you will not be permitted to leave until after 12:00 noon. Runners who are being picked up in Stinson Beach should arrange to meet their ride outside of the park. Parking in Stinson Beach Park, as well as in the village of Stinson Beach, is extremely limited. Please do not take a car and park it in Stinson Beach overnight. You are encouraged to carpool and use spectator shuttles to and from Stinson Beach. (See Shuttle Buses). All parking rules are enforced.

Trail Etiquette and Safety
The Dipsea course is a very rugged, narrow, mountainous, steep and twisting trail and not designed for timid runners. Slower runners are encouraged to stay on the consensus course, marked with white & blue ribbons, the trail is not as steep and the footing is better. If you need to walk during the race please be sure to stay as far as possible to the right or left of the trail. Watch out for Poison Oak. No headphones are permitted on the race course. If you see a runner in distress please notifies the closest course monitor or radio operators stationed along the course and apprise them of the runner’s number and location. In the event a trail rescue is underway, be sure to allow emergency medical crews to pass. Be courteous to our volunteers -- they give up their Sunday and work long hours to make this race is a first class event.

Dipsea Merchandise
This year, a Dipsea retail booth will be located at the bib number pick-up location, Mill Valley Recreation Community Center, 180 Camino Alto, in Mill Valley on Saturday, June 8th from 10:00 to 3:00 pm. A retail booth is also located at the finish area on race day in Stinson Beach. Dipsea T-shirts, infant clothing, sweatshirts, vests, jackets and much more will be for sale.

MasterCard, Visa, ATM cards (with Visa logo), cash and checks will be accepted. Gift Cards are not accepted.

In Case of an Emergency
The Dipsea Race will have 3 ambulances equipped with Advanced Life Support equipment standing by at strategic locations. There are also 3 First Aid Stations and a fully staffed Medical Station available to assist and treat runners in distress. Most medical transports and rescues are due to dehydration, heat prostration and fatigue. Proper conditioning and training will minimize the chances of a medical incident. Be well hydrated and fueled when you step on the starting mat. Bring a bottle of water with you to the start. Following are some points your family or friends who may be waiting at the finish or at home should know.

Race Rules and Course Restrictions
All runners must start from inside the corral area. Be sure to start with your handicap group and correct Section. Open runners who start in the Invitational section will be disqualified. Race officials will mark your chest number while you are waiting for the starter’s whistle.

For runners’ safety, a time cutoff at Cardiac Hill (water station) will be enforced at 11:00am.

Runners who reach this point after 11:00 am will not be permitted to continue the race.

Runners who arrive at the top of Insult Hill (second water station) after 10:45 am will not be permitted to enter the road. Runners will be directed to the left and continue on the consensus trail over the Moors. This is to minimize traffic congestion and delays on Panoramic Highway and in Stinson Beach.

With the exceptions listed below, the DIPSEA COURSE is considered open course. A consensus best route based upon the shortest distance and safest footing will be marked with signs and blue and white streamers. However, runners may choose existing historical routes from Mill Valley to Stinson Beach, with certain restrictions. Absolutely no off-course running is permitted within Muir Woods boundaries and Federal Park Land. Racers should familiarize themselves with the course.

Volunteer course monitors authorized to disqualify runners will be wearing special lime-green t-shirts. The color and marking will be obvious. Runners shall obey all posted restrictions, warnings and directives of the race monitors.

Disregard for Dipsea course rules and/or inappropriate behavior could result in disqualification from current race and future races. The Committee has sole, final, and absolute discretion in determining inappropriate behavior and the extent of the sanctions.


1. DIPSEA TRAIL/BAYVIEW: After leaving Walsh Drive, approximately .9 mile into the race, all runners must stay on the Dipsea Trail to Bayview. Runners must cross Panoramic Highway at the Bayview intersection.

2. HAUKE HOLLOW AREA: Approximately 1.2 miles into the race and just after crossing Panoramic Highway at Windy Gap, runners must follow the marked consensus route to the paved road leading to Suicide Hill. The steep shortcut at the top of Windy Gap is OFF LIMITS.

3. MAILBOXES ABOVE MUIR WOODS: When runners leave the paved road at the mailboxes, just above Suicide Hill, the old construction right-of-away along the south side (left side) of the trail is OFF LIMITS.

4. SUICIDE HILL: There are two routes down Suicide Hill. Beginning at the clearly marked “Y” junction approximately 200 yards from the paved road, the trail splits. The marked consensus route is to the right. The unmarked, steeper and more difficult historic racer’s route is to the left. Runners taking the historic racers route must enter the trail via the opening at the fence at the “Y” junction. Once past the “Y” junction on either trail, runners must stay on the designated trail all the way through MUIR WOODS NATIONAL MONUMENT.

5. MUIR WOODS NATIONAL MONUMENT: Runners enter Muir Woods shortly after the “Y” junction and remain in Muir Woods National Monument as they cross Frank Valley Road and Muir Woods parking lot. Runners continue in Muir Woods, crossing the creek and running on the trail for approximately 1.4 miles. While in MUIR WOODS NATIONAL MONUMENT runners must stay on the consensus trail.

6. All runners must stay on the consensus Dipsea trail starting past the Cardiac Hill (water station) to the Swoop. This is necessary because of erosion control.

7. Runners taking the Swoop must stay on the trail until it intersects with the Dipsea trail in Steep Ravine. Only experienced and sure-footed runners should consider taking the Swoop. THE TRENCH: Located at the bottom of the Swoop is OFF LIMITS.

8. THE MOORS/MOOSE HILL: Approximately 6.6 miles into the race, at the bottom, the last steep hill down the bluff, also known as Moose Hill is OFF LIMITS. Runners must stay on the consensus route down to the Stile.

9. Runners taking a Historic Route must stay on the designated historic route course. Absolutely no off-course deviation from the historic route and or consensus route is permitted.

10. Runners must cross Highway 1 from the Stile and must follow the marked course from the Stile to the finish line. Please cross the road in the designated marked crossing and run on the left side of the road.

11. Access onto the service road in front of GGNRA maintenance yard and residences is not permitted with the exception of Dipsea runners heading for the Finish Line. Runners who have finished the race or spectators are not permitted on the service road.

As a condition of Dipsea Race Special Use Permit, GGNRA requires:
1. Only the permittee (Dipsea Race) and confirmed race sponsors are authorized to place banners in a designated area at the finish line. Display of Banners (including Club, Corporate, Products, etc.) or any signs is not permitted on Federal Parks Property, nor is distribution of printed matter, promotional material or products permitted.

Questions may be directed to: theannualdipsea@gmail.com or (415) 331-3550

Start Area Map

Finish Area Map