Final phase of the Dipsea Steps Renovation Project set to begin

Construction on the final phase of the Dipsea Race Foundation’s Dipsea Steps Renovation Project is set to begin in July on the second flight of stairs between Marion Way and Hazel Avenue in Mill Valley.

Those stairs will be closed to public access through early August.

The Dipsea Race Foundation, with the support of the City of Mill Valley, has been renovating the famed Dipsea steps – all 688 of them – since 2005. Remodeling of the third flights of steps was completed in 2007. The first flight was replaced in 2011.

Funding of the renovation project has been fueled by private sponsorship of honorific bronze plaques on individual steps. Donations from Dipsea runners, families, and people who want to memorialize loved ones with a $1,700 step on the Dipsea Stairs are still being accepted and can be purchased through the Dipsea Race Foundation’s website: www.dipseafoundation.org. Make out checks to the Dipsea Race Foundation, P.O. Box 10, Mill Valley, CA 94942. Credit cards and electronic payments are not accepted.

The Dipsea Race Foundation is a charitable non-profit (501(c) 3) corporation whose mission is ”to inspire our community and beyond to support the tradition of the Dipsea Race, the maintenance of the Dipsea Trail, and the legacy for current and future generations.” It was established in 1997 to protect and promote the race and the values it represents. After a century of existence, the race has become an essential part of the community and cross-country running; the Foundation was created to preserve the race for future generations. The Dipsea Race Foundation has three main goals: to preserve the race and the trail for current and future generations, to support the entities and organizations that control the property over which the trail winds, and to encourage boys and girls from all backgrounds to appreciate and protect the Dipsea and other trails on Mt. Tam.

For more information, contact DRF Dipsea Stairs Renovation Project Manager Eric Ellisen at (510) 637-8693, email eric@dipseafoundation.org or contact Julie McClure in the City of Mill Valley Public Works Department, (415) 384-4820.

The 108th Dipsea race will be Sunday morning, June 10, 2018.