The 2006 Dipsea

Melody Breaks the Tape The 96th running of the Annual Dipsea Race got off to a great start as cool temperatures created excellent conditions for the grueling race. Two-time winner Melody Anne Schultz won her third Dipsea Race, leading almost from the start right to the finish.

With the advantage of a 22 minute headstart, she crossed the finish line a minute and a half ahead of second place winner Roy Rivers, 49, who had only a 5 minute head start.

Third place went to Mark McManus, 32, who also won the fastest time award, covering the 7.1 miles in only 49 minutes and 33 seconds.

In fourth place, slightly smudged and scraped from a fall, was last year's winner, 68-year-old Russ Kiernan.

Although the Dipsea Race is recognized nationally as one of the best cross-country events in the nation, it continues to be dominated by local athletes. Only a handful of the 35 top finishers who were awarded prestigious black Dipsea t-shirts were not from the Bay Area. Well over half were from Marin County; good evidence that familiarity with the tricky trail is a key element for those who do well in the race.

Final Results by Order of Finish

Final Results in Alphabetical Order

Final Results by Starting Group

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The 2006 Awards
Winner: Melody Anne Schultz 1:09:00(22 Minutes Headstart)
2nd Place: Roy Rivers 53:28(5 Minutes Headstart)
3rd Place: Mark McManus 49:33(1 Minute Headstart)
4th Place: Russ Kiernan 1:04:56(16 Minutes Headstart)
5th Place: Jamie Berns 1:05:14(16 Minutes Headstart)

Fastest Time Male:
Mark McManus 3rd Place 49:33(1 Minute Headstart)

Fastest Time Female:
Chris Lundy 7th Place 57:31 (8 Minutes Headstart)

First High School Finisher:
Alesandra Roger 12th Place 59:27 (9 Minutes Headstart)
Marin Academy - San Rafael, California

Winning Team: Tamalpa Runners
1. Melody Anne Schultz Winner 1:09:00
2. Roy Rivers 2nd Place 53:28
3. Mark McManus 3rd Place 49:33
4. Russ Kiernan 4th Place 1:04:56
5. Jamie Berns 5th Place 1:05:14

Alan Beardall Award: Winning Family
1. Diana Fitzpatrick 23rd Place 1:04:28
2. Timothy Fitzpatrick 100th Place 1:02:47

First Finisher-Dipsea Section
Shaun Stephens-Whale 566th Place 53:56 (3 Minutes Headstart)

Jerry Hauke Perpetual Award (The Red Tailed Hawk)
"Leadership, Dedication and Sportsmanship"
Cathe Howe, Dipsea Race Volunteer - Captain Slash Crew

Norman Bright Award
"Extraordinary Effort in the Dipsea"
Robert Alexander 555th Place 1:21:45 (7 Minutes Headstart)

Jack Kirk "Dipsea Demon" Award
"Dedication, Perseverance and Performance"
Philip Smith 669th Place 1:50:16 (19 Minutes Headstart)

Dipsea Foundation: Scholarship Recipients
Allie Lomax - Novato High School
John McGrath - Tamalpais High School
Ian Randolph - St. Ignatius College Preparatory
Drew Thayer - Robert Louis Stevenson School
Briana Van Epps - San Marin High School