The 2004 Dipsea

Melody Breaks the TapeOn a beautiful day that was perfect for spectators and only a little hot for the runners, Shirley Matson, 63, won the Dipsea Race again, establishing a new women's record of four victories.

There was more excitement than usual because for the first time in five years, the top four winners all crossed the finish line in less than a minute and the top ten were done within four minutes. Last year, after Melody Anne Schultz crossed the line, the crowd waited more than five minutes for the second finisher to show up.

There were some new faces and surprises this year, despite the fact that the second and third place winners (Russ Kiernan, 66, and Melody Anne Schultz, 62) have dominated the top ten honors with Matson for almost a decade.

The most notable newcomer this year was fourteen year old Alesandra Roger, who steamed in to claim fourth with a very speedy actual time of 58 minutes and 19 seconds.

For the first time in 74 years, the name of Jack Kirk was missing from this year's list of runners. The 97-year-old "Dipsea Demon" showed up in a wheelchair, recovering from a broken hip. and telling friends he plans to run it again, and wants to do it for the last time when he turns 100. He was awarded a new award, The Jack Kirk Trophy, for "dedication, perseverance and performance over time."

And speaking of great performance over time, The Dipsea Race will turn 100 next year. To mark the anniversary, there will a Centennial Celebration to remember the people who started it, the ones who support it today, and to preserve the trail for the generations to come.. At the award ceremony following this 2004 race, Dipsea Foundation President Peter Butcher invited help from runners and friends-of-the-race. The Centennial Celebration team is looking for people with ideas and energy who want to help plan and create an event worthy of the race. He can be reached through the Dipsea web site.

Final Results by Order of Finish

Final Results by Last Name

Final Results by Headstart Group

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The 2004 Awards
Winner: Shirley Matson 1:08:23 (22 Minutes Headstart)
2nd Place: Russ Kiernan 1:01:52 (15 Minutes Headstart)
3rd Place: Melody Anne Schultz 1:06:03 (19 Minutes Headstart)
4th Place: Alesandra Roger 58:19 (11 Minutes Headstart)
5th Place: Dan Nelson 50:19 (2 Minutes Headstart)

Fastest Time Male:
Dan Nelson 5th Place 50:19 (2 Minutes Headstart)

Fastest Time Female:
Alesandra Roger 4th Place 58:19 (11 Minutes Headstart)

First High School Finisher:
Daryl Zalan 48th Place 57:12 (2 Minutes Headstart)
Miramonte High School - Orinda,California

Winning Team: Tamalpa Runners
1. Shirley Matson Winner 1:08:23
2. Russ Kiernan 2nd Place 1:01:52
3. Melody Anne Schultz 3rd Place 1:06:03
4. Jamie Berns 9th Place 1:03:51
5. Roy Rivers 10thPlace 54:06

Alan Beardall Award: Winning Family
1. Liz Fagan-Gottlieb 29th Place 1:01:02
2. Mary Fagan 51st Place 1:03:18

Jerry Hauke Perpetual Award (The Red Tailed Hawk)
"Leadership, Dedication and Sportsmanship"
The Antone Souza Family, Volunteers - Swoop

First Finisher-Dipsea Section
Judy Rabinowitz 598th Place 1:03:42 (12 Minutes Headstart)

Norman Bright Award
"Extraordinary Effort in the Dipsea"
Mark Northcross 1032nd Place 1:28:19 (6 Minutes Headstart)

Jack Kirk "Dipsea Demon" Award
"Dedication, Perseverance and Performance"
Jack Kirk - Honorary Participant

Dipsea Foundation: $2,500 Scholarship Recipients
Elizabeth Gill - Branson High School
Simone Oppen - Tomales High School