The 2003 Dipsea Scrapbook

Melody Anne-Shultz breaks the tape for her second Dipsea victory.
Shirley Matson flies in for second place
Cliff Lentz outlegs Diana Fitzpatrick for third place
Adam Hersh comes out of nowhere to win the Fastest Runner award
Chris Phipps, Heidi Helvestine, and Russ Kiernan finish sixth, seventh, and eighth.
Black shirts congratulate themselves
Steve Daffron gets award from Norman Bright's nephew.
Steve Daffron (the miracle comeback) and Joe Weigel
Unoffical runners this way!
Great beans made here!
Super sausage slingers.
Smells good; tastes great!
Keeper of the trophies.
Star sales lady.
Bill the timer maven.
Dipsea med team
Edda and KQED